Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things are Changing!

This is the flyer being sent with all of our purchases until the change has been made.

As the leaves change for the coming season, so is “A Bit of Fluff.” We are moving things around and creating new fun filled shops with all of our same wonderful stuff and NEW items!

I have begun to make and build more stock for the upcoming season, but my biggest event so far is going to be the addition of 2 more shops. The items in my current etsy shop - - will be moved around.

A Bit of Fluff: For Fun - This shop will be @ our current location -!

Items for this shop will include: Anything Polymer Clay

  • Animal Keychains
  • Polymer Clay Bracelets for Adults and Teens
  • Polymer Clay Necklaces for Adults and Teens
  • Polymer Clay Pocket Mirrors will come later!

A Bit of Fluff: For Women - This shop will be @ a new location! Addy will be posted soon.

Items for this shop will include: Jewelry and Clutches for Women!

  • Unique and Original Bracelets and Necklaces (Earrings will come later!)
  • Clutches (Pouches will come later)
  • Feminine pouches

Little Bit of Sprinkles -This shop will be @ a new location! Addy will be posted soon.

Items for this shop will include: Accessories, Clothing and Plushies for Children!
  • Onesies (We will have Halloween options!!!) - Embroidered
  • Tees - Same as Onesies
  • Polymer Clay Necklaces
  • Polymer Clay Animal Necklaces
  • Polymer Clay Earrings
  • Owl and Penguin Plushies (More will be coming later!)

Just a Reminder! New items are added to our shops almost daily! So keep checking back!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Treasury - Minty Fresh

This is a treasury I made - Thursday, Sept. 4th, 2008.

- Petite Seafoam Green Lucite Flower Earrings - ShySiren
- Gardeners Loofah Soap - sunbasilgarden
- SAGA - Seafoam Sea Glass with Sterling Silver Necklace - ArtisticDetour
- Sea Foam - Cinnamonsoup
- Girls Night Out Seaglass Necklace - BeachGlassMemories
- Jadite Glass Cocktail Ring - PetitOiseau
- MISTY MEADOW - aqua African green opal stone with sterling silver chain - Mcrdesigns
- One Shoulder Top with asymetrical hem - tangente
- Bay Rum Soap Balls - Everscents
- Octopus Womens Babydoll Shirt - Deadworry
- Titania 100 PERCENT CASHMERE Luxury Fingering SockYarn - Notwosnowflakes
- Toddler Green Beanie w/ Visor - LoveFuzz

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am in a TREASURY!!! Thanks Talli's Designs

So, I know I said I was going to do a new post this week on Vinyl Wall Decor! I will, but when... I am not exactly sure. I started college classes this week and my daughter's birthday is also this week. So, things are a little crazy! I did find a little bit of time around 3 am last night to open and post, a little bit, on a new website I found -,store,2588,userid,shop . Check it out!

I, also, found this treasury, which I am proud to be apart of. Talli's Designs has a handful of wonderful items in this treasury and it is absolutely beautiful. It is posted on this blog! Check out their blog too... There are some wonderful things on there and a few other wonderful treasuries that have been previously posted. Ok! This is going to have to be short and sweet, but I will be posting soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Etsy Supplies: The Best Kept Secrets in My Book!

So, I decided to start off with supplies! How else are you going to make your handmade items?

Maybe, you need new supplies for your creations! These shops provide some of the most interesting, unique, simple, and even common items out there. Just a few of the items I like to use on a daily basis, if possible. I, also, think these shops have items I would love to have or wish I could get knee deep in creativity with. Maybe, these are new shops to you! Or they are old time favorites. No matter what, they are a handful of shops I have recently stumbled upon and LOVE!

First off, I am a HUGE polymer clay fan! This is a spot actually for my mother’s site! I am one of her biggest fans for two obvious reasons. She is the one who gave me life and a great gift for all things crafts and she makes B.E.A.UTIFUL canes and she is my supplier for polymer clay. :P Her shop Dewdrop Designs!

A great combo for those who have trouble deciding!

Some of the Supplies in Dewdrop Designs shop!!!
-Studio by Sculpey Clay
-Studio by Sculpey supplies
-And NEW beautifully handmade polymer clay beads!

This is only some of what Dewdrop Designs has to offer!

Shop Address:

I have been making jewelry for years now for myself! Just recently though, I started selling them. Hampton Beads carries some really beautiful gemstones! I love the colors and am definitely a fan of the briolettes. You can indulge yourself in citrine, aqua, peridot, pink topaz and a eye popping shade of HOT PINK!

Tropical Tahitian Briolettes! This color is my fav!

Hampton beads also includes:

- Rondelles
- Cube shapes
- Heart shapes
- Pearls
- Misc. Jewelry making Supplies.
And many, many more amazing items!

She has a ton of beautiful gemstones!

Shop Address:

My new found glory this past year - FABRIC! Aaa Aaa AAAAAaaaaa…. Now I guess I cannot say it was this past year I found and started using fabric for my crazy imagination, because I remember making some of my clothes when I was in High School, bags too! I probably should start making some more clothes for myself. Now, I found this Etsy shop - Orientalfabrics, she has some really, really cute fabric. Many different patterns and there are some fabrics I don't usually see.

Monkeying around Fabric! Super Cute!

Some more Fabrics in OrientalFabrics!

-Cute bambi
-Forest Trees Japanese Zakka

Shop Address:

I am, also, a fan of Amy Butler. Who isn’t! Fabric Supplies has some great choices. Great Prices! And HUGE selections. Fabric Supplies offers fabric cut by 1 yard, 2 yards, 3 yards, 4 yards, even half yards. Custom yardage requests are encouraged! Their shop includes over 22 pages of wonderful beautifully made and designed fabric.

Royal Garden in Turquoise. I need this fabric…

FabricSupplies holds a large stock of fabric with many designer names...

Shop Address:

An even newer finding… Felt! I used some on my owls and it is very interesting stuff, but it was in a flat felt. (New! Not sure on the felt terminology.) I did find this shop though HandBEHG; which provides these very neat and unique items to me for jewelry making even.

Felt Balls! I like the Multi!

HandBEHG has colors galore to choose from:
-Dark brown

Shop Address:

Remember, these are ONLY a few of my favs. My list would be never ending otherwise. If you have supplies you like to use on a regular basis or if you purchase your favorite supplies on etsy, let me know! I would love to post some of them – DEFINITELY SEE THEM.

On a personal note: I am going to start a new weekly blog! Do you have ideas for another? Send them my way. Note: Photos are used when shops give permission!

Next week: Vinyl Wall D├ęcor - I love ‘em! I may be in the market too! :P

---> If you are new to all of this! Or Surprisingly never heard of Etsy! Or in the market for some wonderfully handmade items! CHECK OUT ETSY.COM!!! Remember these are definitely only a few of many...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New To Blogging!

So, this might take me a little bit to get up and running on my blog. Trying to find the right thing to say is sometimes difficult for me, but you have to start somewhere.